Citrus County Citizens

Sharing Talent in Citrus County

$10 – Citrus County, FL

Monthly subscription to place ads all over Citrus County to real Citrus County visitors and residents. We only feature locally owned and operated business. If it’s locally owned and operated we will get the word out everyday, while you relax and get your business booming. @CCClassi



Theatre/ Arts/ Hobbyist 

2 comments on “Citrus County Citizens

  1. I tried to call the phone# listed but it never connected. My name is Don Short; a member of Nature Coast Woodcarvers Club, and we are trying to recruite younger members to our club. As of now we have three days of carving sessions throughout Citrus County. We are in the process of creating a fourth; during the evening, for those who work during the day! The only cost is $15 a year for membership of the new craftsmen feel it is for them! I am in the process of setting up my old shop”Shorty’s Woodshop” for open involvement for potential new members. The session will be held one nite a week off of Hwy 486 next to Citrus Hills for info request please write to

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