How it works:

1. Send us a business card

2. Advertise Every Day, Pay $25.00 Monthly Here!

3. Find your business on local’s site

Product examples (you saw one, the digital handshake).

25 core fee / 25 value

2nd is Video Marketing

499 one time charge 2500 value* upgrades extra per vendor

3rd is OPM Online Profile Managment

125 a month 2500 value (225 a month)

Total package value:



2119 a 60% discount.

The Whole Package

All of these are on the pages and post from years ago. We have been consistent with our price points as new tools come out we use them to save our clients money and build our community.

We have digital handshakes for 25 a month and introduce people to your business everyday.

Digital Handshake

500 dollar value


2500 value

Online profile management

2195 value

57% discount

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