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This is our local update on Citrus County Classifieds and the findings for the micro economic review in laymen view. The dynamic culture and historical perspective has led to many people wanting to know more about the heritage and timeless journey of the area. Now that land preservation have been established throughout many believe it is time to move onward and upward.

The examples set forth are just opinions and not official or accredited through any source. The passage of roads and increase in commerce is leading to county wide development. To met the need of the business and the lessons of community past, the infrastructure planning has begun from the inside out. We will develop the interior sections that seem to have the least impact on environmental concerns and waterways that surround our natural landscape.

Meanwhile, citizens are asking for more things to do to enrich and inspire their community through interactions and efficient commerce. With the approval improvement projects in Homosassa and Crystal River we can only look east to find the essence of community in Inverness. We they follow a ‘Small town done right’ philosophy.

The development of Citrus springs has once again become part of the local economy after being estranged with foreclosures and failed development improvements. This highly populous future community has successfully started process of an well rounded school system and keeps up with the A+ mentally of the local School Board. Incorporated in that is a large volunteer army that envelopes around a private library open to the citizens of that community. The community center and large venue churches offer celebration and life events for all stages of life. Having a river front community center is one of the hidden gems of the community stretching over 5 decades of growth.

The Highway 200 corridor with Withlacochee trail coming back off 41 to the south, both offering entrances to Hernando, FL; This triangle of old Florida History includes private air residences, open pasture and Paine’s Prairie. The ideal situation for summer here is visiting some of the hidden springs and dock side whilst enjoying an afternoon rain creating a muddy mix of State parks and local treasure for trail riding and explorers alike. With themed restaurants and open seating venue this area serves as a great day drive for the naturalist in all of us.

The Historic town of Hernando has a hidden gem besides being the retirement home of famed Ted Williams it also serves as one of the oldest Cemeteries in the area. Little known lakes surround a forest called Forest lake. The cattle store aka feed story just south of the town reflects the often forgotten Farms nestled just beyond view of the roads and offer a multitude of seasonal items including watermelon.

Down to the south we have the Old Stage Coach Road hwy 48 Starting in the Floral City area and ending in the Sugarmill woods development we see slow and steady growth as we continue to have lots and homes available at some of the best price per value in the state.

All of this opens the door to opportunity through home health care and the ability to give birth, education, work-life and retirement a chance to flourish. Citrus County has emerge as a full life cycle community offer the best of each life cycle and still boast a variety of business

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