From Mike K’s office

It is my opinion that our entire judicial system has been completely compromised. Our borders are. going to be open when title 42 ends . Now remember these are the same individuals that mandated that you get vaccinated and wear a mask. We have already proven that Biden has lied to the American people about having any involvement in his sons business dealings.if that had been one of trumps children. The media would be going crazy right now. it is absolutely repulsive what is happening in America. Our constitution must be ratified because if we even thought about having a militia, our government would pulverize them they would be called domestic terrorist and dealt with as such. This administration is absolutely killing America yet no one wants to say anything about it. Our courts have been infiltrated the DOJ and FBI all have been compromised.The IRS. Has been Weaponized. The media completely has deaf ears and less it’s something against Republicans. They would rather fry Santos then be concerned about the $10 million. The Bidens got from China. What is incredibly scary all time while they were charging Donald Trump on these bogus made up charges Biden secretly signed a bill to eliminate the dollar and go to Fed coin. These people have been paid millions of dollars through shell corporations, or LLCs yet the media has no interest in reporting the truth. This is getting real serious folks unless we do something about it real soon our country as we know, it will be like every other powerhouse country in history that has failed Joe Biden needs to be impeached. His son needs to be put in jail, the DOJ and FBI need to be completely cleaned of these corrupt people. And the media should be fined every time they do what they are doing right now not reporting the real news Donald Trump has been persecuted, almost as much is Jesus and whether you like the man or not what they are doing to him is reprehensible. I am not looking for a debate. All I can say law is designed to be black or white. There is no gray area. We cannot say what we want anymore we are dealt with by Facebook fact, checkers there has been no investigations and we were all supposed to swallow that the election was not rigged. It is really ironic that James comber’s findings did not bark the interest of any other main street media other than Fox instead. Everyone of them wanted to share the story about Santos today. This is what the problem is in America folks it’s the slip of the hand, and this guy who we have ruining . Our country is an expert. At the slide of-hand . Folks it should tell you something when they hired 85,000 IRS agents are country is in deep deep trouble and what these Democrats don’t understand it is them there are people that are going to be the victims of these agencies wake up people.