Floral City, FL 

Attention all!I am looking for donations of cat food to go to my friend Mary who runs an animal rescue out near Trails End in Floral City. As some of you know, the camp was bought and is being cleaned up. There were many stray cats out there before and now there are even more and my beautiful friend is doing her best to take care of them through her rescue, yet, as we all know cat food is not cheap and she has reached out to me and so I am reaching out to all of you! 

If you have any cat food that you are looking to donate, please feel free to contact me for a pickup or drop it off at Aunt Martha Market in Floral City, and I will get it delivered to her!
I know it seems like someone’s always asking for something, however, the cats could not take care of themselves and Mary has gone above and beyond to help our furry friends and I would like to be able to help her some and lift some of the burden. Thank you for all your help in advance , as I know I have some of the most amazing friends and community members that have the most giving hearts I’ve ever seen! I’m proud to be part of this community 🙂

Shannon Lee Burns


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